Is Johnson is trying to ‘save his skin’ by removing Covid measures?


Is Johnson is trying to ‘save his skin’ by removing Covid measures?

The Prime Minister announced yesterday that Plan B measures in England would be scrapped, but is this just an attempt to win back the favour of the public?

Health Secretary Sajid Javid came to the PM’s defense, denying that the announcement on the lifting of Plan B Covid restrictions in England was about “saving the skin” of the Prime Minister.

Mr Javid said he believes Boris Johnson is secure in his job despite calls from some Tory MPs for him to resign over lockdown parties.

Yestderday Mr Johnson announced that Plan B measures would now be ‘scrapped’, with workers returning to the office from today as well as pupils no longer needing to wear face masks in school.

From January 27, masks will no longer be mandatory in shops or in public transport and businesses will have the choice on whether they will use Covid passes.

Asked on BBC Breakfast if the Prime Minister was “safe in his job”, Mr Javid said: “Yes, I think he is.

“At the same time, people are right to be angered and pained about what they have seen and they have heard. I share that anger and pain.

“I think it is right that there is a proper investigation going on that will establish the facts and that the Prime Minister will come back to Parliament and properly respond.”

However, many belive that the easy of restrictions is a calculated move from the PM in a bid to win back the favour of his party and the public following the recent controversies.

Before the announcement yesterday at the PM’s Questions, Tory MP Christian Wakeford defected to Labour in a shocking turn of events, crossing the room to sit on the Labour benches.

Former Brexit secretary David Davis once again backed Labour leader Keir Starmer in the calls for the PM’s resignation, telling MT Johnson 2in the name of God, go.”

Mr Johnson has continuously batted away the calls for his resgination in the past week, giving no answer other than that MPs and the public should wait for the outcome of Sue Grey’s inquiry.

When the removal of Plan B measures was announced, one member of the public commented: “This is only because they’ve been caught out in the hypocrisy.”

Another wrote: “I mean of course this is an attempt to improve his approval rating which is sliding off the cliff at “unprecedented” rate.

“It’s up to the public if they find it acceptable enough to forget his appalling lies and condescension he has babbled for the last weeks, or not.”

Mr Johnson also announced that he has no plan to renew self-isolation rules when they come under review on March 24.

Now, the wait is on for the results of Sue Grey’s inquiry into the lockdown parties at Downing Street which is expected to be released some time next week.

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