Killer was ‘fixated’ on ex-girlfriend and her son


Killer was ‘fixated’ on ex-girlfriend and her son

Daniel Boulton was reportedly ‘fixated’ on his ex-partner and her nine-year-old son before he killed them both last year, a court has heard.

Boulton, 30, who admitted to manslaughter, allegedly claimed that he would stab the pair before the incident took place, the BBC reported.

Boulton denied murdering the pair after they were found fatally injured at their home on Monday 31 May 2021.

As previously reported, he claimed he was suffering from a mental health condition which impaired his ability to form rational judgement and exercise self-control.

His trial, which began on Thursday 13 January, is still ongoing at Lincoln Crown Court.

It is expected to last at least another three weeks.

The court heard that the couple had a ‘toxic relationship’ – which began in March 2019 – and that Boulton hated her son.

According to the BBC, a witness believed that the killer was ‘fixated’ on his ex-girlfriend, Bethany Vincent (26), during a time when he could not see her due to an injunction.

The jury previously heard that the victim had a restraining order against her ex-partner, something which he broke repeatedly.

The witness also revealed that Boulton told him he was ‘going to stab them’ when he had the chance.

He showed traits of possessiveness that the victim’s mother reportedly picked up on.

She told the jury that he was an ‘angry, loud [and] nasty’ man, the BBC revealed.

Two children are said to have dialled 999 after seeing Ms Vincent call for help from her window, but ran away when they saw a man holding a rope.

He walked from Skegness to High Holme Road in Louth before repeatedly stabbing the victim and her young son to death.

Emergency services, including Lincolnshire Police and paramedics, were called to the scene at 8:29pm that same day.

The pair were pronounced dead at the scene.

The trial is still ongoing.

(Image: Lincolnshire Police)

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