Police issue warning to motorists in Grimsby


Police issue warning to motorists in Grimsby

Humberside Police have issued a warning to motorists amid the growing number of vehicles spotted with their licence plates dirty and obscured.

A team of Grimsby officers have shared a photograph via social media of a filthy car which they had pulled over.

The car was covered in dirt, with the number plate being completely illegible.

A high number of vehicles which appear exceptionally dirty at the moment is a result of the extra grit which has been placed on North East Lincolnshire’s roads to combat the icy weather.

According to the DVLA, it is a legal requirement for drivers to display their number plate clearly at all times.

Failing to do so could result in motorists being handed a fine of up to £100.

A Humberside Police spokesperson captioned the Facebook post: “With the extra grit on the roads along with the wet weather we are seeing a lot of vehicles like the one below.

“It takes two second to grab a cloth/sponge and clean your number plates!

“Failing to display your number plates correctly can result in a £100 fine.”


The DVLA added that fines of up to £1,000 can be given out if a vehicle is involved in an incident or if ANPR cameras are unable to identify a car because it was driving with incorrectly displayed number plates.

This comes after a number of changes to laws regarding licence plates were made at the end of 2021.

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