Tories demand probe into Keir Starmer’s ‘work drinks’ video

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Tories demand probe into Keir Starmer’s ‘work drinks’ video

Tory MPs have demanded a probe into a video showing Labour leader Keir Starmer and other Labour MPs drinking beers and eating food in April 2020.

A video circulated online showing the Leader of the Opposition enjoying a drink with his colleagues in the height of lockdown at a constituency office in Durham.

At the time of the video, indoor mixing with other households was not allowed under national lockdown rules.

Mr Starmer claimed that it was a work event and that no Covid rules were broken.

Labour MPs and Mr Starmer himself have repeatedly called for the Prime Minister to resign following the controversy of multiple parties held at Downing Street during lockdown.

Now, some Tory MPs have called Mr Starmer a hypocrite, saying that he should “stand up and shoulder it” and refer himself for investigation.

Tory MP Andrew Brigden , who has also called for Boris Johnson to step down following ‘partygate’, said Sir Keir should refer himself for internal investigation.

He said: “He should be volunteering himself and his colleagues up for an investigation in the interest of transparency.

“There’s only thing that never surprises me about the Labour party, the rank hypocrisy.”

Former Tory leader Ian Duncan Smith slammed Sir Keir, stating: “There are no excuses, ultimately, for rule breaking. It is very rich of the Labour party and Keir Starmer to try and sweep this aside – it’s not okay.

“He needs to stand up, shoulder it and say sorry.”

Sir Keir has denied that any Covid rules were broken, telling LBC: “We were working and a takeaway turned up. We didn’t break any rules, we did nothing wrong.”

He refused to apologise over the photo, stating that “there comes a point when the Tories try to take everyone into the gutter with them.”

Sir Keir said a May 2020 garden party at Number 10, which included wine and trestle tables, “is a million miles away from a takeaway in a constituency office in between meetings”.

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