Grimsby shoppers react to New Look closing down

New Look

Grimsby shoppers react to New Look closing down

Grimsby shoppers have been left saddened following the announcement that the Grimsby New Look store will be closing down.

It will reportedly close on Sunday 30 January.

It was initially thought that the retailer would be moving to a different site as Poundland take over their existing unit as part of a major redevelopment in the town centre.

Many shoppers have been left frustrated by the news, stating: “Its sad the town is losing all these shops, it used to be thriving..I actually prefer to see the things I buy and be able to try on and touch, online shopping is far too easy but I’m afraid it’s the way of the world now.”

One shopper wrote:”It’s a perpetual cycle now. Shops have closed leaving limited options so people go elsewhere, be that online or to other shopping centres. Therefore no demand to replace them. Overhauling Freshney place for shops won’t work. Its needs a modern take and to have a variety of activities to bring people in.”

Another felt concerned about staff losing their jobs, writing:”And more jobs lost! Something needs to be done to stop this happening new look is a popular clothing shop it make no sense to shut it down unless the rental unit price is too high.”

Many shared the view that the town centre was becoming barren, sharing:”I feel so sorry for the local people.There’s nothing left in the town centre.”

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