Spike in cases of passengers not paying their cab fare

Spike in cases of passengers not paying their cab fare

North East Lincolnshire Council has warned that there has been a spike in cases of passengers not paying their cab fare to their drivers at the end of their journey.

Licensing officers at North East Lincolnshire Council have issued a warning to those using taxis after a spike in reported incidents of passengers not paying their fare.

Drivers across North East Lincolnshire sent reports to the council stating that fewer passengers are paying their fare at the end of the journey, instead they simply exit the car leaving the driver without any payment,.

This has prompted the Council’s licensing team to advise more drivers to ask for their fee upfront rather than after the journey has been completed.

Drivers are entitled to request the fee upfront but many choose not to, instead charging their passengers once they arrive at their destination.

It is a criminal offence to leave a vehicle and make off without paying the necessary fare.

Taxi drivers opting to charge customers upfront are still required to display a meter and any outstanding balance should be paid to the driver or back to the passenger as appropriate.

Many taxi ranks now also operate online or through a smartphone app, which allows customers to select their desired location and pay the fare upfront on their bank card.

A set amount is charged to the car and at the end of the journey the final payment will be taken out of the passengers bank account.

If the journey is cancelled before the taxi arrives no money is taken out of the customers account.

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