NELC recovery plan shows hope

Grimsby Town bus station

NELC recovery plan shows hope

A north east Lincolnshire recovery plan put forward hopes to create opportunities and replenish the area for years to come.

The plan is set to provide employment which will in turn help the local economy and business. It will hope to strengthen the areas position by using a three step plan: “Restore, Reshape and Replenish”.

The plan offers support to local businesses including advice about business grants, employee/career advice, courses and much more. The full list can be found on the NELC website.

Community support will also be offered including ex-service volunteers being used to fill roles as part of Blue Light Brigade.

In 2019 Grimsby was invited by the government to be part of a £3.6 Billion township fund to aid regeneration and long term sustainability.

The council provided a Grimsby masterplan featuring a town investment plan, including the Riverhead public space development.

“In March 2021 Government announced a funding offer to Grimsby of £20.9 million of Towns Fund to deliver 6 projects set out in the TIP, with the expectation that this funding will deliver transformational economic, social and cultural benefits for the town.”.

Although the plan mentions development of the town centre this could anger residents as the back peddling on the area continues.

Representatives from the Greater Grimsby Board  oversee the project as:  “The Board membership is made up of representatives from local businesses, community organisation’s and other key stakeholders with an interest in the future development of Grimsby.”

The plan also involves better pedestrian and cycle access to connect the town, this will allow improved ease of travel to the town centre and Alexandra dockside. The work is currently underway.

A refurbishment of Grimsby central library will provide new uses and facilities.









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