Crime rates decline across the Humberside region

crime rates

Crime rates decline across the Humberside region

The Office for National Statistics has released new data which reveals that crime rates are continuing to decline across the Humberside region.

The most recent recorded crime figures for the Humberside region (up to September 2021) revealed the following:

The Humberside Police crime rate has decreased by 6.3 percent.

Sexual offences have declined by 7.6 percent.

Drug offences have increased by 6.2 percent as more criminals are being arrested thanks to Operation Galaxy.

This includes a 14.4 percent rise in possession of controlled drugs such as cannabis.

The possession of weapons has also seen an increase compared to the rest of the nation.

Other crime rates, including theft offences, have fallen across the region in several categories.

Theft against a person declined by 17.2 percent, burglary decreased by 26.8 percent, vehicle offences fell by 28 percent and shoplifting is down by 22.7 percent (all above the national average).

Stalking and harassment offences have increased across the nation, with the Humberside region seeing a 15.1 percent rise in cases, reportedly due to how victims are becoming more comfortable with reporting crimes.

There has also been changes to how these two crimes are recorded by the police.

Previously, only the most serious offence of many would be recorded – for example, if an assault was more serious than the stalking, only the assault would be recorded.

All crimes are now being recorded, creating more accurate crime rate figures and a fairer result for the victims.

The Chief Constable also announced last year that violence against women and girls would become a main priority for the force.

Assistant Chief Constable Darren Downs said: “As we came out of lockdowns, there was a concern that crime rates would return to pre-pandemic levels.

“However, our continued visibility and our collective commitment to ensuring our communities feel safe and protected has once more seen an impressive reduction in crime rates.

“Nationally, recorded crimes have remained stable, whilst ours have dropped by 6.3 percent.”

He added: “While these figures will hopefully serve to reassure the public, as a force we want to keep improving.”

An additional bonus to capturing so many criminals is that the funds recovered from serious and organised crime can be reinvested into the community.

£200,000 is reportedly being invested into the Humberside region to support a range of local projects.

(Image: Humberside Police)

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