Masks no longer legally required as Plan B ends


Masks no longer legally required as Plan B ends

From today people in England are no longer legally required to wear masks in public spaces as Plan B restrictions come to an end.

The prime minister took to Twitter this morning to discuss the end of Plan B measures in England.

According to Boris Johnson, the “success of our booster rollout, the tireless work of the NHS and the amazing public response” have helped to make it possible.

He also urged the public to remain cautious, warning that the pandemic is not over.

Here is a list of other rules that are set to change today:

  • Large events and venues will no longer be required to use the NHS COVID pass.
  • Masks will no longer be required to wear within schools.
  • Any local introduction of face coverings must be routinely reviewed and “removed at the earliest possibility”

Despite the end to restrictions, retailers across the nation have urged customers to continue wearing masks for the safety of themselves and staff.

Public Health England is also continuing to advise using face coverings in “crowded and enclosed spaces.”

Will you be wearing a mask despite the restrictions having ended? Tell us your thoughts!

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