Council to remove Grimsby’s ‘bring to’ recycling banks


Council to remove Grimsby’s ‘bring to’ recycling banks

North East Lincolnshire Council has announced that it will be removing a number of the borough’s ‘bring to’ recycling banks.

According to the council several are being removed due to poor or reduced usage.

This is despite complaints of recycling banks overflowing over the festive period, and despite an increase in fly-tipping in recent months.

In a statement issued last Friday, a spokesperson said work to remove them would begin ‘this week’.

There are currently 28 recycling banks across North East Lincolnshire in locations such as supermarkets, housing estates and car parks.

A review conducted by the council in 2019 showed that many were underused.

As a result, the authority decided to remove a total of eight sites. These include bins on Beeson Street, Butt Lane, Laceby, Coniston Avenue shops and Wybers Wood Shopping Arcade.

A total of four recycling points along Cleethorpes seafront are also set to go.

The recycling banks are set to be replaced with new litter bins for recycling at Greenlands in New Waltham, Hardy’s Road and Aldrich Road entrances to Haverstoe Park, and Hope Court in Cromwell Road.

Councillor Stewart Swinburn, portfolio holder for environment and transport at the Council, said: “We have made massive improvements to household recycling collections in the last two years.

“People now have much more capacity for recycling at home and are recycling more than ever.

“People are not using the bring to recycling banks as much as they used to, and many sites suffer from high levels of fly-tipping.

“The more problematic sites are a drain on resources as our staff have to be taken from their regular duties to clean up the mess left by fly-tippers.

“The need for these sites has reduced over time and in the next few years we are likely to see more initiatives from central government such as deposit return schemes that will reduce the need even more.

“Removing the sites gradually will mean our staff waste less time clearing up fly-tips and help us focus our efforts on keeping the borough clean.”

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