Daniel Boulton found guilty of murder


Daniel Boulton found guilty of murder

Daniel Boulton has this afternoon been found guilty for the muder of his ex-girlfriend Bethany Vincent and her young son.

After a three week trial, the jury retired this afternoon for two hours before reaching a guilty verdict.

Ms Vincent and her son were found dead at their home in Louth last year with multiple stab wounds.

Boulton killed the mother and son after walking 28 miles from his hostel in Alexandra Road, Skegness.

He then went on the run until the following day, burgling a cottage where he stole alcohol and food, and assaulting an off-duty police officer in the leg in the Hubbard’s Hills area of Louth.

He was tasered and arrested at a nearby farm in Hallington after trying to get into two cars and encouraging armed officers to shoot him.

Boulton was given one life sentence for both counts of murder.

Sentencing is expected to occur tomorrow, Wednesday 2 February.

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