Increased anger amongst the public as the PM refuses to step down

Increased anger amongst the public as the PM refuses to step down

Members of the public have been left outraged at the Prime Minister as he is still refusing to resign despite the Sue Gray report stating there was a “failure in  leadership” in Number 10.

Yesterday, the Sue Gray report into the multiple parties held at Downing Street during the pandemic was released.

Although her findings are limited due to the ongoing Met Police investigation, what she did release was a damning report which found the events at Downing street “hard to justify”.

Speaking in the commons after the report was made public, Mr Johnsons announced changed to the way Downing Street and the Cabinet Officer are run.

He says the “fragmented” nature needs to be addressed, so he will create an office of the prime minister.

Secondly, he says it is time to review the civil service code of conduct.

And thirdly, he promises more announcements in the coming days to improve the working of government and the connection between No 10 and Parliament.

However, despite calls from all sides, he did not announce his resignation.

Now, members of the public have been left angered and disappointed by the lack of action from the Prime Minister, calling him a “liar” and claiming they have no confidence in the government as a whole.

One local wrote: “The majority of the country have lost all confidence in him, yet he thinks he can still maintain his position. Absolute madness.”

Another shared their thoughts on parliament as whole, writing: “The entirety of parliament aren’t fit for their jobs. Best to ignore everything they tell you to do – they have no authority anyway.”

Mr Johnson has been branded a “joke” by many of the public, with some going so far as to state: “Those who defend that liar should lose their seats.”

However, a small majority have still given the PM their backing, with one stating: “Fantastic news…if Boris steps down so should Starmer, Kinnock and all the others that actually broke lockdown rules.

“So glad the British people see this for what it is a left anti brexit coup against a democratically elected government.”

Now the waiting game must begin again as the country eagerly await the results of the Met investiagtion.

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