North Lincolnshire Council pledges to support older care leavers

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North Lincolnshire Council pledges to support older care leavers

North Lincolnshire Council has announced that they are increasing their levels of support and advice for care leavers above the age of 25.

Their aim is to ensure that care leavers have everything they need throughout their lives, especially during difficult times.

The council replaces the role of the parent or guardian for children in care and that responsibility remains constant, even after they reach 25 years of age.

Each care leaver will now be paired with a Personal Advisor, no matter their age, as part of the Corporate Parenting Promise to Children in Care and Care Leavers 2021, North Lincolnshire Council reported.

The cabinet member for children and families, Cllr Julie Reed, said: “As corporate parents, North Lincolnshire Council have the same aspirations for a child in care or care leaver as any good parent would have for their own child.

“For most children, support from their family never ends whether they are aged 18, 21 or 25 or beyond.

“This shouldn’t be different for care leavers; they deserve the highest quality of parenting and support from their corporate family.

“North Lincolnshire Council is extending the offer of support and advice to all care leavers beyond the age of 25 years recognising that a care leaver is a care leaver for life not just until the age of 25 years.

“Children and young people that have been reliant on North Lincolnshire Council to support, nurture and parent them should expect this to continue when they leave care.

“It means support will continue to provide them with the stability and support they need to make progress, helping them to access new opportunities and experiences that inspire them to set ambitious goals for themselves and seek support when they need it.”

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