Up to 1,600 Tesco staff facing redundancy in latest cutback

Up to 1,600 jobs at risk as Tesco ends overnight restocking

Almost 1,600 Tesco workers are staring down the barrel of redundancy after the popular supermarket chain Tesco announced an end to overnight restocking at many stores.

Tesco are instead going to have daytime restocking of the shelves, alongside some petrol stations being converted to pay-at-pump during overnight hours.

These plans have come to light just a day after it announced a closure of its Jack’s discount stores.

They have justified the potential massive job loss by saying it will help the business as “simply and efficiently as possible”, says Tesco boss Jason Tarry.

Restocking of the shelves will instead occur during the daytime, meaning that more staff will be on the shop floor at peak times, however, some could argue that this will cause unnecessary delays and less availability for customers.

This restocking time shift will take place in 36 big stores and 49 convenience stores across the country.

There are also plans to convert petrol stations in 36 stores to pay-at-pump only during overnight hours.

“We operate in a highly competitive and fast-paced market, and our customers are shopping differently, especially since the start of the pandemic,” added Mr Tarry.

“We are always looking at how we can run our business as simply and efficiently as possible, so that we can reinvest in the things that matter most to customers.”

The news is the latest in a catalogue of cutbacks by the supermarket.

They recently announced the closure of 13 Jack’s stores – putting 130 jobs at risk – however, they are set to be offered alternative roles.

Six of those stores will instead be converted into Tesco superstores.

Tesco also announced the closure of meat, fish and deli counters in 317 of its stores nationwide.

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