Jurassic fossil discovered in Scarborough 

Jurassic fossil discovered in Scarborough 

A new Jurassic fossil has been found on the foreshore near Scarborough. 

The trace fossil of two footprints, dating back millions of years was discovered by archaeologist Marie Woods. 

It comes after Ms Woods unearthed a giant fossilised footprint last year around the same area of her new discovery. 

Ms Woods said that serve weather conditions had caused sizeable erosion leaving the fossil compromised. 

She added: “I feel quite excited when I find something, I’m like a child when I do. 

“I go out along coasts often and onto the beach and then it’s a case of trying to get your eye in” 

After her most recent find, Ms Woods posted an image to her Twitter Account with the caption: “Not quite as big or impressive as the print from last year, but still just as exciting.” 

Marie Woods, a director of Heritage Adventures, said there have been multiple fossils found around the North Yorkshire coast. 

She went onto say the coast could be re-named to “Dinosaur Coast”. 

Have you spotted any fossils visiting our local beaches? 

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