Cleethorpes Social Club to reopen despite objections from locals


Cleethorpes Social Club to reopen despite objections from locals

Cleethorpes Social Club has been given the green-light to reopen despite a number of objections from at least 40 local residents.

The premises has been granted a licence allowing loud music to be played within ‘traditional pub hours’

The owner had initially applied for one which would extend the music licence until 2:30am, as well as permission to serve alcohol seven days a week.

Local residents objected to the plans in mass numbers.

They said the club, which is situated in a residential area on the corner of Grimsby Road and Daubney Street, will generate excess noise and disturb neighbours.

Councillor Marie Green objected to the plans.

She said: “This property has only a narrow alley between it and the closest house in a row of terraced homes.

“Given the close proximity to homes, all licensed activities should conclude no later than 11.30pm.”

Despite objections, the plans were approved by North East Lincolnshire Council’s licence committee at a hearing on Tuesday 1 February.

It is expected that Cleethorpes Social Club will be run as a members-only club which would cater towards older clients.

Recorded music will only be played past 11pm on Sundays and Thursdays, and past 1am on Fridays to Saturdays.

Updates to follow.

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