Lincolnshire family left heartbroken over burial plot mistake

burial plot mistake

Lincolnshire family left heartbroken over burial plot mistake

A Lincolnshire family is reportedly heartbroken over a burial plot mistake which resulted in a stranger being buried next to their father.

The plot of land was supposed to be reserved for their mother, Penny, as she wished to be buried alongside her husband, Trevor.

Their son, Benjamin, reportedly discovered the burial plot mistake when he was visiting his father’s grave last week.

The mistake means that, currently, there is no room for Penny to be buried next to her husband.

Up to now, the family have been offered money in compensation, but this does not resolve the heartbreak they are facing at this time, they revealed.

One solution would be to cremate the widower and place her between the two graves but, according to reports, this is not an appealing idea for her.

The whole ordeal has greatly distressed Penny and her family, but they are aware that another family must also be affected by the burial plot mistake.

According to the BBC, the Chapel St Leonards Parish Council apologised for the mistake and was seeking guidance from the Lincoln Diocese and the Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management.

(Image: Caroline Attwood)

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