Are you in line for a council tax rebate?

council tax rebate

Are you in line for a council tax rebate?

With energy costs rising at a rapid rate this year, some families in North East Lincolnshire will be in line for a council tax rebate.

The Government has decided to give eligible families some money back to help them pay their bills this year.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak revealed that most households will be able to receive a bonus of £350.

£200 will be made up of an electric bill rebate, whilst £150 will go towards council tax.

Eligible households for a council tax rebate are in between Bands A and D.

Lower bands (A being the lowest) will reportedly receive a higher portion of the grant.

As of Monday 13 September 2021, across North East Lincolnshire, 38,520 properties reside in Band A, 17,880 in Band B, 9,060 in Band C and 5,110 in Band D.

This may result in up to 70,570 households being in line for the rebate.

This reportedly makes up 95 percent of all households in North East Lincolnshire.

Eligible families in line for a council tax rebate will receive the money from local authorities from April this year.

However, council tax could be going up by a maximum of 1.99 percent (£5) in April also.

The average council tax in England for 2021/22 was £1,898 for Band D, £1,687 for Band C, £1,476 for Band B and £1,265 for Band A.

These rates could go up if councils introduce a raise of 2.99 percent in total (at most) in April.

(Image: Christopher Bill)

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