Facebook sees users drop for first time


Facebook sees users drop for the first time

Facebook has seen its user base drop for the first time as of 2022, according to the latest figures.

It has been the largest online social platform since its formation, but now its position is threatened.

The user base has been on an 6.9% increase year-to-year with a reported 2.9 Billion monthly users.

A massive database of 2.85 Billion active monthly users are on Facebook.

60.42% of the world’s active internet users access Facebook.

65.9% of the monthly users login on a mobile device or browser each day.

A figure of 39.58% of the worlds active internet access Facebook daily, with 24.05% of the worlds total population using Facebook.

Facebook reportedly lost about half a million global daily users in the fourth quarter of 2021.

Meta CFO David stated: “We believe competitive services are negatively impacting growth, particularly with younger audiences,” .

Meta is Mark Zuckerberg’s future project into the Metaverse with heavy investment.

Facebook has reportedly seen a user base decline and has missed targets.

Mark Zuckerberg is confident in Meta’s future. He said: “I think overall engagement will grow … and that’s why we’re optimistic about the future.”

Competitors such as TikTok have seen enormous user growth and boasted 1 billion downloads in 2021.

The social media giant reportedly earned $33.67 billion in revenue last quarter.

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