National charity Andy’s Man Club aims to help local men

Mental Health

National charity Andy’s Man Club aims to help local men

Andy’s Man Club is a free-to-attend talking group for men who aim to challenge the stigma around mental health, allowing those who may be struggling to have a voice and an ear.

It was founded by Luke Ambler who resides as the chairman and Elaine Roberts, who is a co-founder.

The group started in Halifax after the death of Andy Roberts who was just 23 years old. His brother-in-law Luke Ambler created the group to prevent families from sharing his experience.

It has since grown from just 9 men attending the first meeting to 17 meetings being held nationally.

The charity has even received a Queen’s Award for voluntary service.

It has now seen a group meet regularly regardless of location.

Speaking to Gi Grimsby News, the group organiser said: “The word is getting out there that we no longer need to keep our struggles to ourselves, and that true male bravery is about daring to open up, not burying your feelings away.”

On average in the UK every 2 hours a man commits suicide.

In response to this tragic statistic, the group has announced plans to open up a new site in the Humber area on February 14th.

The ‘Peer-led’ group AMC started in Grimsby in the summer of last year.

A local facilitator for the organization, Lee Sanderson, spoke about his experience and the impact of “growing up in a generation where blokes had nowhere to talk”.

“The idea is to break down the barriers that it is okay for blokes to talk,” he added.

“Trying to break the stigma of talking.

“Encouraging talk also encourages people to listen

“That first step through the door is the hardest step through the door but also one of the best steps you could make”.

The group currently meets on a Monday 7-9pm, Grimsby Institute Nuns Corner, Grimsby DN34 5BQ.

Online support is also available.

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