Lia Nici calls scaffold protestors ‘aggressive and unhelpful’

lia nici

Lia Nici calls scaffold protestors ‘aggressive and unhelpful’

Unite the Union took to the streets of Grimsby yesterday afternoon to stage a protest outside MP Lia Nici’s office.

The move followed  12 weeks of strike action at the British Steel site in Scunthorpe following claims that workers, several of whom are from Grimsby, are being paid up to 15% less than the agreed rate.

So far, five MPs, not including Lia Nici, have written to Actavo and British Steel in attempts to resolve the issue.

Ms Nici recently went so far as to state that she is “washing her hands of responsibility” in regard to the ongoing dispute.

Angered by Ms Nici’s lack of involvement, strikers are demanding answers.

Richard Bedford, Regional Officer for Unite the Union said: “Lia Nici the MP for Great Grimsby is having trouble standing up for her constituents employed by Actavo.

“Instead of washing her hands of responsibility it’s time for the MP for Great Grimsby to support her constituents.”

In a statement issued last night, Lia Nici responded to the event, branding it “aggressive and unhelpful.”

She said:”I was contacted by a union representative on 11th January 2022 informing me that they and their members were in dispute with Actavo, and said, “Continuous strike action by our members commenced on 4th October 2021 and ran up until Christmas and further action is likely.”

“Industrial disputes are a matter between employers and employees, and while I sympathise with the workers, informing me about a breakdown in communications three months after it commenced where clearly union intervention has failed, would not have proved helpful.

“In my experience strike action rarely provides satisfaction for either side.  I encouraged my constituents to resolve the dispute in a way that both parties can accept.

“Protesting outside my office entrance without any prior notice is aggressive and unhelpful. If I had been informed they wished to meet me, I would have been happy to do so.

“This Friday I have been working in the House of Commons assisting the progress of a number of important bills through Parliament.”

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