Injured seal pup hauls himself to safety


Injured seal pup hauls himself to safety

An injured seal pup has managed to haul himself from the water, finding safety at the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust’s Spurn Point visitor centre.

British Divers Marine Life Rescue were called to the scene to rescue the seal after police discovered him on Sunday.

The seal, nicknamed Comet, was found to have injuries to his flippers.

He was also underweight.

Comet was taken for treatment at a seal care unit which runs on donations.

Em Mayman, who runs the centre, said: “These pups are in need of rehydration, feeding, and veterinary medications when they arrive and remain treated with 5* care before going on to long term rehabilitation centres who prepare them to go out in to the wild again.

“Sometimes due to increasing numbers of pups and Covid-19, pups may have an even longer stay with us before a space is available for them.

“Pups are typically fed 4-5 times a day. Once they’re well hydrated they move on to fish soup, and eventually whole fish. A 14kg seal pup needs approximately 2.5kg of fish a day, which means the freezer is in need of being constantly restocked!

“2.5kg of high calorific fish they eat is approx £8.60 per day, per pup. We have spaces for 3 seals!

In the last two months, we have had 25 pups through the doors!

“It would be incredible if you considered donating a few pounds towards helping feed these little ones whose numbers are on the increase.

“Helping feed these pups means that their health improves, they become efficient at feeding themselves quicker, and they become strong and fit for travel on to rehabilitation.”

Anyone wishing to make a contribution to Comet’s care can do so via this link.