Experts claim patients died after over AstraZeneca coverage


Experts claim patients died after over AstraZeneca coverage

Oxford scientists who developed the AstraZeneca vaccine have argued that politicians and scientists could have indirectly caused deaths by damaging the reputation of the vaccine.

The AstraZeneca vaccine received negative press after 242 ‘rare’ cases of blood clots were identified. 

Now, a scientist who worked on the vaccine has said “hundreds of thousands of people” probably died in relation to the unfair media coverage.

Speaking to the BBC, Professor Sir John Bell said: “I think bad behaviour from scientists and from politicians has probably killed hundreds of thousands of people

“They have damaged the reputation of the vaccine in a way that echoes around the rest of the world”

France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands were among the nations to half the vaccine’s rollout. 

The UK government advised the under-40s to receive an alternative to AstraZeneca as a result of the concerns.

Most of those who suffered blood clotting as a result of having taken the vaccine are said to have had underlying health conditions.

In a report issued by the World Health Organization, the JVCI suggested clotting was an ‘extremely rare’ event.

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