Scunthorpe dog in need of surgery sadly passes away

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Scunthorpe dog in need of surgery sadly passes away

A Scunthorpe dog that was receiving donations for a life-saving surgery sadly passed away on the operating table on Monday 7 February.

Karrine Bourne, 45, and her three children managed to raise £3,000 in time for Puppy‘s surgery, but it was unsuccessful.

The nine-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier had a large mass on her stomach which was reportedly affecting her kidneys.

In Karrine’s original statement on Puppy’s GoFundMe page, she wrote: “We have a family dog named Puppy, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, who is nine and very much apart of the family.

“Unfortunately, following a recent visit to the vets, we found out that Puppy has a large mass in her stomach, attached to her spleen, and her kidneys are struggling.

“The vet we spoke with told us that without surgery, Puppy would likely die, but that she is otherwise a healthy dog, and that they recommend this.”

The family have already spent £1,000 on the diagnosis alone, but an extra £4,000 is out of their price range.

Karrine added: “Financially, as a family, we are struggling to come up with these types of funds to move forward and get Puppy the surgery.

“We decided to do this Gofundme page as a last-ditch attempt to try and get the help for Puppy before it’s too late.”

However, Puppy sadly died whilst at the Old Courts Veterinary Centre in Brigg.

According to reports, the mass had taken up the dog’s entire liver, making the operation to save her life impossible.

The remaining donation money will reportedly be redonated to other sick animals in need of urgent surgery.

(Image: Karrine Bourne)

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