Starmer blames PM’s Savile comments for inciting mob


Starmer blames PM’s Savile comments for inciting mob

Keir Starmer has blamed the PM’s Saville slurs in parliament for a mob that accosted him and MP David Lammy on Monday.

The Labour leader said he had never before been accused in public of being a “pedophile protector” until the PM falsely accused him of failing to prosecute Savile when he was director of public prosecutions a week before the attack.

Mr. Starmer labeled the comments as a “Deliberate slur without any basis”.

“The PM knew exactly what he was doing. It is a conspiracy theory of violent fascists that has been doing the rounds for some time.”

On Monday, the police escorted the pair through a mob that was reportedly chanting “Traitor” and other remarks, seemingly inspired by the PM’s slurs.

Starmer told the Times: “I have never been called a pedophile protector before. That happened [on Monday] for the first time in my life. If others want to argue that this is unconnected with precisely what the PM said one week before then let them make that case. But they’ll never persuade me that there is no link.”

The PM has refused to apologize for the remarks stating “I was making a point about his responsibility for the organization as a whole. I do want to clarify that because it is important.”.

MP David Lammy posted on Twitter after the attack on Monday:

“No surprise the conspiracy theorist thugs who harassed Keir Starmer and I repeated slurs we heard from Boris Johnson last week at the dispatch box. Intimidation, harassment, and lies have no place in our democracy. And they won’t ever stop me doing my job.”

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