Police fail to end Covid protest by truckers in Canada

Police fail to end Covid protest by truckers in Canada

A police raid on the bridge blockade at Windsor, Ontario, failed to shut down anti-covid protesters who want a complete end to Covid measures.

Officers arrived by the bus load in balaclavas and carrying long guns, ready to oust protesters blocking roads leading to the Ambassador Bridge.

About 100 vehicles have been parked along the roughly 2km (1.25 miles) of road leading up to the bridge for almost a week.

The Freedom Convoy, as it’s been called, began as a protest against a mandate requiring truckers who cross the US-Canada border to be vaccinated.

They share a distrust of vaccines, a concern for government overreach and a general dislike of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Over 12 hours after a court issued an injunction ordering the Windsor site to be cleared, the police moved in on Saturday morning.

Some vehicles keft immediately and more were ticketed and towed in the evening.

Despite many of the vehicles leaving, a hundred or so people remain blocking the road -a mix of protesters and local residents who are tired of lockdowns and vaccine passports.

While law enforcement has come prepared with armoured vehicles and tactical gear, they are hesitant to act aggressively and have made few arrests.

Carrying flags and singing “O Canada”, the nation’s anthem, the protesters say they won’t go until all mandates are over.

Canada has a 90% vaccination rate, far higher than the US, and in many parts of the country you need to show proof of vaccination to access bars, gyms and restaurants.

(Image: Marie Oakes/Twitter)

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