Locals brand new Suggitt’s Lane bridge an ‘eyesore’


Locals brand new Suggitt’s Lane bridge an ‘eyesore’

A number of local residents have complained about the new Suggitt’s Lane bridge in Cleethorpes with several branding it an ‘eyesore’.

Many have claimed that the new bridge overlooks their homes and are concerned that it may have a negative impact on property prices in the area.

One local said: “No wonder its costing over £3m – it’s huge! It will be overlooking so many gardens. I would be gutted if I had that eyesore in my back garden.”

Another commented “Another waste of money! There was nothing wrong with the crossing that was there before, and now we have this monstrosity.”

“Money wasted on something else that wasn’t needed, once again!” added another.

Meanwhile, in the rush to finish the project, a number of local residents have complained that overnight works on the new Suggitt’s lane bridge have reportedly resulted in sleep disturbances. along with causing people’s homes to rattle and vibrate.

The bridge was built as part of a solution to the earlier closure of the crossing at Suggitt’s Lane in April 2019.

According to Network Rail, the crossing was closed as a result of frequent misuse and concerns for public safety.

Residents have since had to use the Fuller Street Bridge, which has 77 steps and no disabled access, to cross over to the sea front.

It is hoped that the new £3.6m bridge will provide much needed access to the seafront.

Work began on-site in June 2021 after plans were approved by North East Lincolnshire Council.

The bridge was initially planned to open before Christmas 2021, but following a number of delays, it is now set to open to the public in March.

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(Image: Lloyd Binns)

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