PM expected to deny blame over No 10 parties


PM expected to deny blame over No 10 parties

The Prime Minister is expected to deny any wrongdoing in regards to Downing Street gatherings during the lockdown.

According to reports, his official response will remain private.

The PM reportedly has until Friday to answer a questionnaire, sent by the MET, which could result in a fixed penalty notice.

Boris Johnson is expected to reject the allegations that he broke any laws.

Taken from The Guardian, his “We will respond. As you know, I think the MET made clear that that was in seven days, so we will comply with that requirement”.

Scotland Yard will reportedly reveal the number of people fined at each party.

The Sue Gray report previously published that the allegations were “Hard to justify”.

The PM reportedly apologized previously for the ‘culture’ in Downing Street.

He has continued to insist no rules were broken during this time.

The PM can reportedly accept or challenge the decision if he is faced with a fine.

There have been allegedly a growing number of MPs that have already or intend to submit letters of no confidence.

The outcome could certainly influence the MPs vote of no confidence.

He has previously apologized for attending one gathering that took place in 2020.

An article from The Guardian also states that Johnson said he would have “A lot more in due course” in regards to responding to allegations, once the police investigation was concluded.

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