A ‘Snow Moon’ will be visible in UK skies tonight


A ‘Snow Moon’ will be visible in UK skies tonight

A ‘Snow Moon‘ will be visible across UK skies today, Wednesday 16th February!

A Snow Moon is characterised as the second full moon of the year, and is named as such because of the amount of snow which usually falls in February.

According to NASA, the Snow Moon will be at its peak at around 4:56pm.

Venus, Mars and Mercury are also expected to be visible around this time.

The best time for viewing it will be in the later hours of the evening when it is higher in the sky.

However, stormy conditions which are set to kick in across much of the country today may make spotting the Snow Moon a little more difficult.

If you do miss out on witnessing it you’ll likely have to wait until March 18 to see the Worm Moon.

Keep a look out and let us know if you spot it!

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