Is there anyway back for Prince Andrew?

Is there anyway back for Prince Andrew?

Yestderday evening it was announced that Prince Andrew and Ms Giuffre had reached an out of court settlement.

The document declared that the Prince would pay an undisclosed amount of money to Ms Giuffre and her charity.

The court document added that Prince Andrew “never intended to malign Ms Giuffre’s character” and that he recognised she had “suffered both as an established victim of abuse and as a result of unfair public attacks”.

But is there anyway back into public life for the Prince?

He won’t get back any royal patronages or military titles which were stripped away by the Queen and many questions are still lingeing regarding his relationship with Epstein and his disastrous Newsnight interview back in 2019.

Answers about his inabilty to sweat and the infamous night out at a Pizza Express in Woking will also never likely be revealed.

Questions are also now being raised about where the money for the settlement will be coming from.

Information on the payment including how much is set to be paid has not been made public, however, many have speculated that it will run into the millions.

The Duke recieves a Royal Navy pension as well as a stipend from the Queen’s Duchy of Lancaster fund.

Some members of the public are worried that the settlement could be paid by taxpayers money and are calling to know if the settlement will be paid with public or private money.

Speaking on BBC Newsnight about the ways in which Prince Andrew can support victims of trafficing, American lawyer Lisa Bloom said: “I am sure that his money would be welcomed in organisations that are struggling to help victims everyday.

“In terms of his personal participation, probably not.”

It will be a long journey before the Prince can even consider re-entering public life as his settlement of what is expected to be millions of pounds to a woman he claims he has never met will not improve his image with the public.

Even with no admission of guilt or acknowledgement of the claims against him his future relationship with the public will no doubt be awkward at best.

With the Queen’s platinum jubilee year now well underway, it will be interesting to see if the Prince appears at any celebrations.

Do you think Prince Andrew will ever re-enter public life? Let us know in the comments!

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