Workers entitled to ask for a pay rise, says Keir Starmer

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Workers entitled to ask for a pay rise, says Keir Starmer

Workers are entitled to ask for a pay rise, Keir Starmer reportedly said.

The national wage figures have allegedly shown a deduction.

The comment directly opposes Bank Of England Governor, Andrew Bailey, who urged:

“Restraint in pay bargaining, otherwise it will get out of control”.

Data from the Office for National Statistics showed wages fell behind increasing inflation, which is likely to bump the cost-of-living squeeze from rising prices, high energy bills, and a national insurance rise this April.

In an interview with the Guardian on Tuesday, Starmer also said:

It was fair for workers to demand higher wages but said he wanted to put the main focus on the government to tackle the cost of living. “It’s very difficult to universally say to people – you are not entitled to even ask for a pay rise,” he said.

“Those tax increases are the government’s deliberate policy and half their side don’t think they’re right.”

“To hear the prime minister say that he wants to protect oil and gas companies and their windfall profits at the expense of working families is a very clear answer to the question, you know, whose side are you on?”

The previous Grimsby MP Melanie Onn, in support of Scunthorpe Scaffolders protest against Actavo for fair pay quoted:

“A fair days pay for a fair day’s work”.


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