Living with COVID plan will restore freedom, says PM

Boris Johnson

Living with COVID plan will restore freedom, says PM

Today Prime Minister Boris Johnson is set to outline the ‘Living with COVID’ plan which he says will ‘restore freedom’.

All remaining legal restrictions in England, including the requirement to isolate, are expected to be axed.

Mr Johnson added that ending restrictions will “mark a moment of pride” as we learn to “live” with the virus.

Discussing the plans ahead of the announcement, the PM said: “COVID will not suddenly disappear, and we need to learn to live with this virus and continue to protect ourselves without restricting our freedoms.

“We’ve built up strong protections against this virus over the past two years through the vaccine rollouts, tests, new treatments, and the best scientific understanding of what this virus can do.

“Thanks to our successful vaccination programme and the sheer magnitude of people who have come forward to be jabbed we are now in a position to set out our plan for living with COVID.”

But some have urged caution, branding the plans ‘unwise’ and ‘premature’.

Dr David Nabarro, of the World Health Organisation, told the BBC: “What we know about this virus is that it is not good for people and simply just treating it as though it is a harmless virus we think – that’s myself and colleagues in the World Health Organisation – we think that’s unwise.”

Prof Sir Andrew Pollard, who helped develop the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine, added that “there isn’t a right or wrong answer” to when restrictions change.

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