Rape figures hit record high, but few cases end up in court


Rape figures hit record high, but few cases end up in court

Recorded rape figures have hit a record high for the year preceding September 2021, according to the latest Home Office figures.

The latest data has shown that more than 40% of the rape cases that failed to reach court.

Figures from the start of the year have shown that only around 1.3% of 63,136 reported rape offences resulted in a suspect being charged.

According to a spokesperson for the Crown Prosecution Service, said the figures have led to a “crisis in public trust.”

Speaking to Sky News, DPP Max Hill QC said: “Rape is a truly devastating and life-changing crime.

“Victims of this most invasive abuse can suffer lasting trauma, and too often their experience of the criminal justice system adds to their suffering. I am determined to change that.

“Without doubt there is a crisis of public trust in the criminal justice response to rape and crimes of violence against women and girls. Too few victims are seeing justice done.

“The CPS has looked at every aspect of our work so we can drive up the number of rape cases going to court, and build confidence that all rape victims and suspects are treated fairly.

“We want to secure justice in every possible rape case, which means increasing significantly the number we bring to court, year on year.”

Organisations across the country are said to be trialling new measures to ensure police and prosecutors work closely together to ensure a more positive outcome.

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