Alfred Enderby awarded grant to “keep it alive for future generations” 

Alfred Enderby

Alfred Enderby awarded grant to “keep it alive for future generations” 

A traditional Grimsby smokehouse has been awarded a fantastic grant to help it turn renovation plans into reality.

Alfred Enderby has been going for over 100 years using their traditional brick-built smoke houses, distinctive iron cowls and a century of built-up tar within the smokehouse to deliver a unique taste.

Now, the company has been awarded a heritage grant worth £121,490.

We headed down to speak to owner Patrick Salmon, who expressed his gratitude for the award whilst discussing his love for the historic practice.

Mr Salmon said that the smokehouse has not received monetary investment in over two decades, adding that the money would help him to maintain the building whilst “keeping it alive for future generations”.

The plan is to use the grant to restore the roofing, the iron cowls and the building’s exterior.

Mr Salmon said he is glad to take pride in local heritage, and compared Grimsby’s fish exports to “Scotch Whiskey” and “Melton Mowbray pork pies.”

“Grimsby’s traditional smoked fish is one of many jewels in the crown,” he added.

North East Lincolnshire Council Cabinet member for Tourism, Heritage and Culture, Councillor Callum Procter, added: “It’s really good to see this second grant awarded.

“Grimsby is known, and has a PGI in place for its smoked fish, and Enderby’s have led this work for many years.

“To see plans to expand and restore historic premises is great news, and I look forward to seeing the project materialise.”

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