Lincolnshire drivers ranked among UK’s most dangerous

Lincolnshire Police

Lincolnshire drivers ranked among UK’s most dangerous

Roads and drivers in Lincolnshire have been ranked among the most dangerous in the country, according to recent data.

The area falls in the top 10 areas most likely areas in the UK for road traffic collisions. 

According to data issued by the Department of Transportation and analysed by Zutobi, 1,396 accidents were reported in Lincolnshire in 2020.

The country has a population of 761,224, putting the region in seventh place.

North East Lincolnshire is ranked fourth with an accident to population rate of 191.1 whilst North Lincolnshire is tenth with 177.6. 

Hull was rated the most dangerous area with 231,1 accidents per 100,00 people. 

But road experts have claimed that the data is “unfair” and “skewed,” blaming the absence of effective transport links.

One expert said the “county’s high ranking on this list does not mean we have dangerous drivers.”

“It doesn’t consider the fact our country has very few dual carriageways and no motorways,” they added.

“They have based their figures on population which does not give an accurate figure. Not all people drive or even hold a licence for a vehicle.”

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