Grimsby children going to school on weekends to catch up post-pandemic

Grimsby children going to school on weekends to catch up post-pandemic

Havelock Academy in Grimsby has received praise for brining in staff and pupils on Saturdays to catch up on work missed during the pandemic.

The Grimsby based academy introduced Saturday Schools to help students who had to work from home during the pandemic catch up on topics they have fallen behind on.

As a result of the National Tutoring Programme, the school has reported huge improvements in students grades.

The Government launched an education programme – worth £1.1 billion – to support pupils most in need to help them catch up on lost learning.

The academy’s Year 11 GCSE students also have a Rewards Passport to collect stamps for excellent work in the tutoring sessions and in lessons.

The stamps can be used for prize draws and prizes, including vouchers to go towards the Prom and tickets to see Grimsby Town FC.

Roughly half of Year 11 students are now signed up to receive support.

Students receiving support in science went up by a grade, as well as 80 per cent of students studying Maths and 60 per cent studying English going up a grade.

The extra support is given either during the school day, lunch times or after school as well as on-line learning being available from tutors across the country.

Saturday maths lessons have become popular for students, with demand being so great that additional classes were set up after the first three weeks.

The catch-up tuition is intended to provide additional and targeted support for those children who have been most affected by the pandemic.

It is available at primary and secondary schools, as well as special educational needs or disability (SEND) specialist schools and for SEND pupils within mainstream school systems.

Primary school aged students can access catch-up tuition in literacy, numeracy and science, while secondary school aged students can access catch-up tuition in English, humanities, maths, modern foreign languages, and science.

(Image: Havelock Academy)

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