Ukraine removes age restriction on recruits as they brace for Russian invasion

Ukraine removes age restriction on recruits as they brace for Russian invasion

Ukraine’s Defence Force sent out a tweet this morning calling for all civilians to join regardless of their age.

This presumably includes minors although the tweet does not make this explicitly clear.

The statement, attributed to the Commander of Troops, Yuri Galushkin, reads:

“Today, Ukraine needs everything. All procedures for joining are simplified.

“Bring only your passport and identification number.

“There are no age restrictions.”It tells people if they face problems signing up, they just need to refer to this official tweet.

A new statement from the Defence Minister Alexey Reznikov clarified that the loosening in age restrictions refers to people over 60 but made no mention of minors.

Mr Reznikov wrote on Facebook: “I decided, in agreement with the Commander of the Troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine… to involve in the Troops of the Patriots [those] over 60 years old, who are morally and physically ready to resist and defeat the enemy.”

Reports are continuously coming out of Ukraine as Russia launches a full scale attack on the country.

The Russian assault is being fought on several fronts after it attacked from the east, north and south on Thursday, with Russian forces now taking over the Chernobyl nuclear plant.

Kyiv has been hit by blasts, and at least one block of flats was damaged as air raid sirens continuously alert remaining citizens.

The UN human rights office says it has reports there have been at least 127 civilian casualties in Ukraine, with 25 people killed and 102 injured, due to “shelling and airstrikes”.

The spokeswoman says this is likely to be an under-estimate.

(Image: OSINTtechnical/Twitter)

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