Fundraiser for Grimsby man in constant pain to get medical help

Fundraiser for Grimsby man in constant pain to get medical help

A Go Fund Me page has been set up for a local Grimsby man who is in constant chronic pain after being refused treatment at multiple hospitals.

Alex Middleton described how roughly 10 months ago he started taking an antibiotic for stomach pains.

Two days into the course of treatment Alex, who was a healthy 25-year-old, began to have an adverse reaction, leaving him unable to walk within a week.

He is in “chronic pain” which cannot be treared as his body can’t handle any medications or supplements.

Alongside his constant pain, the father of one has gone through extreme weight loss after taking Ciprofloxacin, a drug the UK government stated should only be used as a last resort owing to the very real possibility of long-lasting, disabling and potentially life-threatening side effects.

According to Alex’s mum, he has been turned away from hospitals in Grimsby, Leeds and Sheffield for treatment of his rare and painful condition which leaves him bedbound 24/7.

His incredibly rare condition means that Alex cannot take any pain relief to ease his situation as he has horrific reactions.

Sharing his experience to Facebook, Alex said: “I’ve been to the hospital multiple times and have had absolutely no luck with any help or treatments and to put it bluntly I’ve been left to rot at home, I’ve been refused by 2 different hospitals and multiple different departments at many different hospitals, all the referrals made by my GP and Rheumatologist have all been knocked back without even seeing me in person.

“My mum has set up a gofundme for private medical care, testing and treatment because we don’t have any other option at this point and things have accelerated a lot the past 2 months, I’m scared for my life and the NHS aren’t offering me any help, treatment or even testing.

“I haven’t just lost my mobility, I’ve lost my quality of life, I’ve lost all my relationships, my daughter has lost her dad, my girlfriend has lost her partner and my mum and dad have lost their son, I’d not usually make a post like this but we are all desperate for some hope, I don’t just want to exist, I want to be able to live again.”

The fundraiser, which has a goal of £15,000, will help Alex access private medical care as the NHS has “refused” him.

The Go Fund Me page has currently raised £11,160 and will now allow an Organic Acid Test to be sent off to America to find out what Alex is lacking in nutrient absorption.

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