UK issues further sanctions on Russia as UN assembly gets underway

UK issues further sanctions on Russia as UN assembly gets underway

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has announced further sanctions on Russian banks and shipping as over 100 UN members meets for a rare emergency session.

This is only the eleventh time an emergency general assembly has been called by the UN since the first in 1956.

Liz Truss said she is imposing a “full asset freeze” on three more banks, including “Russia’s national development bank”, as she tells MPs she is “determined to go much, much further” in taking action against Russia.

She says “the UK and our allies will have to undergo some economic hardship as a result of our sanctions” but “our hardships are nothing compared to those endured by the people of Ukraine”.

She concluded her statement by syaing: “We will not rest until Ukraine’s sovereignty is restored.”

Meanwhile, the UK has also told ports not to provide access to any Russian-flagged, Russian-registered, Russian-owned or Russian-controlled ships, ahead of new legislation coming into effect.

It was recently announced that those in Ukraine with immediate family in the UK would be granted a relaxtion of visa rules alongside a further 100,000 Ukranians being granted sanctuary.

At the general assembly UN Security General Antonio Guterres said: “Nothing can justify the use of nuclear weapons. We face what could easily become Europe’s worst humanitarian and refugee crisis in decades, with the numbers of refugees and internally displaced multiplying by the minute.

“This escalating violence – which is resulting in civilian deaths, including children – is totally unacceptable. Enough is enough. Soldiers need to move back to their barracks. Leaders need to move to peace.”

Currently negotiators for Ukraine and Russia have met in Belarus to discuss peace talks but the Ukranian president said he has ‘low expectations’ of a resolution.

Updates to follow.

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