Aiding Ukraine from North East Lincolnshire

Aiding Ukraine from North East Lincolnshire

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has devastated the entire world, forcing millions of Ukrainians to leave their homes.

Sobering imagery of men and women taking up arms to defend their country and innocent civilians falling victim to war have been spread across social media and news sites.

The UK has shown support for Ukraine through anti-war protests, flags and banners bearing Ukrainian colours displayed at football games and offering donations to aid those effected.

Residents in North East Lincolnshire have joined the movement in support of Ukraine.

Emma Louise Kosakowska organised a candlelit vigil in Cleethorpes which saw people of all backgrounds come together to pay their respects.

Local businesses have also shown their consideration as events unfold in Ukraine. 

The Old Exchange on Cleethorpes Road has launched an outreach program, and is encouraging locals to donate bedding for Ukrainian refugees arriving in the UK.

The Globe, Cleethorpes, has been offering Ukrainians living in the area free food and drink.

Transportation service, Smeets Ferry have announced they will offer support too.

Posting to social media, Smeets Ferry said: “As a European haulage company we are offering our logistic services to get aid from both our depots in the UK to Ukraine”

“We have decided to make our logistics system available for continues humanitarian aid”, they added.

“Every week, our trucks and drivers will deliver vital goods to the neutral zone between Poland and Ukraine”

“Our colleagues in Ukraine then take over the distribution of the goods and ensure that everything gets to the right place quickly”

The transport service have stressed the importance of donated supplies, no matter how “big” or how “small”

Local individuals are creating shoe box appeals to offer their support during these difficult times.

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