Humberside Fire and Rescue collecting donations to help Ukrainian refugees

Humberside Fire and Rescue collecting donations to help Ukrainian refugees

Humberside Fire and Rescue are showing their solidarity with Ukrainian refugees by collecting donations.

Firefighters at the Goole and Scunthorpe stations have been collecting donations from the public to help those who have been displaced by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Residents in North East Lincolnshire have also joined the movement in support of Ukraine.

Emma Louise Kosakowska organised a candlelit vigil in Cleethorpes which saw people of all backgrounds come together to pay their respects.

Local businesses have also shown their consideration as events unfold in Ukraine. 

The Old Exchange on Cleethorpes Road has launched an outreach program, and is encouraging locals to donate bedding for Ukrainian refugees arriving in the UK.

The Globe, Cleethorpes, has been offering Ukrainians living in the area free food and drink.

Transportation service, Smeets Ferry have announced they will offer support too as their trucks and drivers will deliver vital goods to the neutral zone between Poland and Ukraine.

Sharing their solidarity in a statement, Humberside Fire and Rescue said: “Humberside Fire Authority and Rescue would like to express solidarity, compassion and deepest condolences with the people of Ukraine at this incredibly challenging time.

“As an emergency service, we recognise the enormous pressue the Ukrainian emergency services are under to protect their people, and our thoughts are with them all as they help those that need them most. We admire the immense resillience and courage shown by your people, and we stand side by side with the people of Ukraine and our Ukrainian communities in the Humber region.

“Our thoughts are for everyones safety, including those who are responding to the needs of others, while risking their lives for their communities.”

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