Cleethorpes Wildlife Rescue continue to help animals most in need

Cleethorpes Wildlife Rescue continue to help animals most in need

Cleethorpes Wildlife Rescue have continued to carry out their fantastic work, rescuing animals most in need of their help and getting them to safety.

Yesterday (3 March), they assisted the move of a seal to a safe location after reports that the public were crowding around it and trying to push it back into the tide on the main promenade.

Sharing the rescue to Facebook they said: “Our Marine Medic attended who agreed moving it to a safe location was the best option so it could rest safely.

“We’re going to be putting forward a few safety plans which will hopefully allow seals to rest in the busier areas without needing to be moved soon!

“If you do see a seal and it’s not injured, In immediate danger or visible poor condition please do respect the seal by keeping a far distance, place dogs on leads and enjoy the nature around you.

“There has been multiple seal calls over the last couple of days, thankfully only two have needed to be moved to a safe location and one transported to Mablethorpe for treatment (suspected lung worm).”

Earlier this week, they aided a poor seagull that had gotten stuck in a car door in Grimsby.

Thankfully, his injuries were not serious, only sustaining some bruising.

After some painkillers and a lot of rest he will be ready to head to the skies once more.

Sadly not all animals have small injuries, some sustain extensive damage that can be difficult to treat.

The rescue team shared one such story, a swan that had gotten stuck under a tree at Thorpe Park.

Although a specialist got to the swan as soon as possible and managed to get it to safety they soon realised its injuries were very serious.

From its location the team believed it had flown into the tree and fallen into the ditch below, causing multiple punctures and lacerations across its body that had become infected and necrotic.

This included the loss of almost all flight feathers, a potentially fractured wing, a deep puncture with vital organs viable and many other horrific injuries that would have caused tremendous pain.

The rescue team said: “Sadly with the extend of the injuries and the period of time it had been down there without being spotted, the kindest thing was to end it’s trauma and allow it to fly free without pain.
It’s not very often we post about the sad calls we’re involved in but we think it’s a good idea to spread awareness of some of the emergencies we deal with both good and bad.

“We would like to thank the Blue Cross Grimsby for their continued support and setting up an emergency appointment and to everyone who supports us not only for the birds we rehabilitate but the ones we can ensure have to suffer no longer.

“A very sad call but we continue to respond.”

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Throughout the year Cleethorpes Wildlife Rescue help animals get the help they need, no matter the time, location or weather.

To find out more about what they do or to make a generous donation to their work visit their websire here.

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