MPs call for dockers protection for refusing Russian cargo

MPs call for dockers protection for refusing Russian cargo

Some northern MPs have called upon the Transport Secretary to provide protection for dockers currently refusing Russian cargo in solidarity with Ukraine.

In the past week, many Russian ships have been denied entry and turned away from British docks due to the ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

Many sanctions have been placed on Russian in hopes that President Putin will call an end on the attack.

Now, dockers are showing their own solidarity with those suffering in Ukraine by refusing to unload Russian cargo.

Sharing a letter written to Transport Secrertary Grant Shapps on Facebook, Sheffield MP Louise Haigh said: “British dockers are standing shoulder to shoulder with the people of Ukraine.

“It would be scandalous if they were punished for showing solidarity and refusing Russian cargo.

“My letter to Grant Shapps demanding protection for trade unionists standing up to Putin’s regime.”

The letter calls for protection for dockers, asking the secretary to guarantee that no litigation or other action will be taken against those who are showing solidarity with Ukraine.

The MP said it would be “utterly scandalous” for dock workers to be penalised for standing up for British values and refusing the play a part in Russia’s “brutal war.”

Offering her support, Hull MP Emma Hardy added: “Thanks for your support! Hull dockers should not be punished for refusing to unload Russian cargo.”

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