Calls for Boris Johnson’s removal paused amid Ukraine crisis


Calls for Boris Johnson’s removal paused amid Ukraine crisis

In the last 12 days, the western world has banded together in a unity not seen for many years due to the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.

World leaders, including Mr Boris Johnson, have been working in tandem to place sanctions on Russia while divising ways of ending the conflict once and for all.

However, it is easy but not impossible to forget that only a month prior to the devastating situation in Ukraine Boris Johnson was working his way through his own political disaster.

The infamous partygate scandal rocked the nation as acusation after acusation were brought to light for the whole country to see, prompting the Sue Gray report and Metropolitan Police investigations.

The opposition, some Tory MPs and many members of the public were calling for his resignation, but these calls have fallen quiet in the wake of the ongoing crisis.

When asked if he still felt Mr Johnson should step down Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer said: “Look, at the moment the prime minister is obviously concentrating on the job in hand and we stand united as the United Kingdom on that issue.”

Labour later claimed that they were not withdrawing their demand that the PM should leave but that this crisis had changed both the government’s and the opposition’s priorities.

There is a belief amongst many Tory MPs that, as devastating and cruel the situation is, this war could allow the PM to reinvent himself, potentially gaining back some public favour.

However, the partygate scandal will never fully go away no matter the length of time that passes thanks to the Sue Gray report and the Met’s investigation.

While no dates have been given on when finding from both investigations will be made public, sources suggest that it could be around Easter.

The timings of these releases could prove fatal to Mr Johnson depending on the direction of the Ukraine crisis.

Should the western front fail to provide further support to Ukraine and the reports find the PM guilty of breaking lockdown rules his political career may very well be over.

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