Dog left by hare coursers rescued by farm worker

A dog that was left for dead by hare coursers is now reportedly doing well, after being rescued.

Nyah, who is around four, is set to find a new home.

She collapsed through exhaustion, allegedly being used by a group of men partaking in the illegal blood sport.

This was at Ruddock Wood Lakes, reportedly near Scunthorpe.

Richard Anderson, who observed the incident, rescued Nyah from the ditch and called the Police.

He has allegedly reported 20 incidents in the past year.

Nyah is a lurcher and was taken to the RSPCA branch, where she was seen and nursed by staff.

Richard said: “She was exhausted and they ran off and left her. She would have died, but we carried her back home.”
Animal welfare supervisor, Mandy Broadhead, said: “Nyah was exhausted when we got her there and she just sat in her kennel.
“But she’s now come out of herself and she’s a very loving and calm dog.”
Nyah was underweight on arrival and has been on a special diet to build her back up to a healthy weight and they report she has been progressing since her ordeal in January.
The RSPCA team in York is seeking a suitable owner who can rehome the lurcher, who is between three and four years old.
Anyone with information about this incident should call the RSPCA appeals line on 0300 1234 8018.

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