Councillors to decide on 10-year Cleethorpes masterplan


Councillors to decide on 10-year Cleethorpes masterplan

Cleethopres could become a trendy resort all year-round after plans to rejuvenate the town have been announced. 

The project, coined the Cleethopres “masterplan” is spearheaded by award winning designer, Wayne Hemminway MBE. 

North East Lincolnshire Council have said Cleethorpes could be the “premier destination” on the Lincolnshire coast. 

It is hoped the vision under the masterplan will bring “big investments” to the North Promenade. 

The council said: 

“From a trendy town centre to a youth-orientated North Promenade, the vision lays out how to make it a year-round resort” 

“Facilities suggested include a big seafront event space, an amphitheatre and a skate park”, they added. 

Mr Hemingway’s masterplan envisages outdoor gyms, a visitors centre and rentable beach huts throughout the seaside town. 

According to the council, the “natural beauty” of areas such as South Beach would be enhanced by the proposal. 

The masterplan was devised from survey results of my than 2,000 Cleethorpes residents and neighbouring towns. 

Popular responses from those who participated in the survey included enhancements of natural beauty and sea views, a notion evidenced through the current proposal. 

“Cleethorpes has probably got more opportunity than any other place I have worked before,” Mr Hemingway said.  

“It has flown under the radar, but this couldn’t be a better time to talk about it”, he added. 

Philip Jackson, the council leader said Cleethopres is in a great position as staycations are becoming “extremely” popular. 

It is hoped that by offering a range of attractions, the masterplan will deliver what the public want to see improved in the seaside town. 

If approved by the council during the cabinet meeting, the masterplan will be used to garner government and private investment, the council have said. 

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