Grimsby Town player being ‘investigated’ after viral video

Grimsby Town player being ‘investigated’ after viral video

A video has surfaced online allegedly showing abuse and insults thrown from a group of young men to a group of young women on a night out in Manchester.

Amongst the group of men allegedly baiting and assaulting the women was a supposed Grimsby Town player.

According to reports, an assault took place including one of the accused men spitting at one of the young women.

The video, posted to Twitter and Tik Tok, shows insults exchanged and a clear escalation of the situation.

The alleged Grimsby Town player can be heard hurling insults at the group after walking past them, trying to antagonise them.

Although the original video has now been deleted, one of the women posted a statement:

She added on Twitter: “We felt the need to defend ourselves.

“Every single one of those boys was abusive and not one of them tried to stop any of the others from doing what they did”.

The player allegedly made threats against them too as another man appeared to spit multiple times at another woman.

One of the women has stated that the man in question and his partner were put into a police vehicle after the victim called the police but this has not been confirmed.

A statement has been released from the official GTFC website: “Grimsby Town Football Club is aware of social media footage relating to one of our players from the early hours of the morning of Monday 14th March 2022.

“The issue is currently being investigated internally by the Club.  Accordingly, we will be making no further comment on the matter at this time.”

Although some fans have condemned the player’s actions there are still fans rallying to his side.

With fans quickly coming to make a mockery of the serious accusations, it’s no wonder it can be difficult for women to come forward with these allegations.

Updates to follow.

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