Your reactions as £3.6m bridge opens in Cleethorpes

Suggitts Lane

Your reactions as £3.6m bridge opens in Cleethorpes

The new Suggitt’s Lane Bridge in Cleethorpes has prompted a wide range of responses after it finally opened to the public yesterday afternoon.

The new bridge includes ramps and stairs to provide an accessible route over the railway from Suggitt’s Lane to the promenade following the closure of the level crossing in 2019.

The project was jointly funded with £2m from Network Rail and £1.6m from the DfT.

It will now be owned and maintained by North East Lincolnshire Council.

Cleethorpes MP Martin Vickers said: “The decision to close Suggitt’s Lane Level Crossing was highly controversial and has caused a lot of inconvenience for the local community.

“But we’re now able to move on.

“Thanks to the high-profile local campaign and the intervention of stakeholders including the Prime Minister, we now have this fantastic new facility that will provide all members of the local community safe access to the beach, the North Promenade, and beyond.”

A large percentage of the local community were overjoyed to finally see the bridge open.

Responding to a video published by Gi Grimsby News, one local said: “Finally! All of the hard work campaigning has paid off and all of those who suffered a result of closing the level crossing can access the beach again.”

Another said: “It’s great to see something in the resort which supports the disabled finally. I can’t wait to use it – money well spent!”

But the project was not without it delays and controversies – and some still aren’t happy.

One resident said: “I can’t understand why a simple overpass with a ramp wouldn’t have sufficed? We didn’t need this huge bridge which will no doubt cost taxpayers a fortune to maintain.

“Give it a couple of weeks and it will be a state.”

“I completely understand the need for a bridge or crossing of some kind. But this was not worth 3.6 million pounds of tax payers money,” said another resident.

“I’m very confident that there could have been a cheaper solution”

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