Boost Your Health and Wellbeing at Beauty at The Gate

Beauty and Man at the Gate are pleased to be able to offer the local community yet another high-end, advanced treatment here in North East Lincolnshire with Intravenous Nutritional Therapy (IVNT) and Booster Shots available this April in their first pop up event with health and wellness brand IVITALISE.

IV vitamin therapy efficiently administers vitamins, minerals and amino acids to the body without relying on the digestive system. It delivers nutrients directly to the bloodstream, making them instantly accessible by the body for use.

Research shows that 90% of people are nutrient deficient, and 50% of those people are already taking a multivitamin. Now with IVNT you can now experience the incredible health benefits and achieve a greater sense of wellness.

IV vitamin drips have become the secret weapon of athletes and tired, burnt-out celebrities with Brad Pitt, Madonna, Simon Cowell and Rihanna becoming fans.

IVITALISE will be visiting Beauty and Man at The Gate in Holton-Le-Clay on Saturday, April 2nd for a pop up clinic where their IV vitamin drips and booster shots will be administered by a medically trained health professional, supported by a full health assessment.

All of IVITALISE’s products have been researched thoroughly, developed by leading medical specialists and are UK sourced.

Paul Beatty, Owner of Beauty and Man at The Gate, said: “We are really excited about our first pop up in partnership with IVITALISE, bringing something new to our clients and the community.

“This event is just one of a new wave of treatments that we are bringing to The Gate. Since returning from lockdown, we have invested heavily in new technologies and treatments to bring the best of the beauty industry right here to North East Lincolnshire.

“We are now providing a wide range of high-end, advanced treatments that will provide real results for our clients and offering these IV and boosters shots will give people the chance to try something new that they maybe hadn’t considered before.”

There will be eight different treatments on offer including the original IV that started it all, the Myers cocktail as well as boosters ranging from Vitamin D and B12 to Biotin and Glutathione. Details of all the options can be found on the Beauty at the Gate website at

Bookings can be made online via the BATG website as well as contacting the salon directly at 014720 289555.

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