Lia Nici votes in favour of differential treatment of refugees

Lia Nici votes in favour of differential treatment of refugees

Yesterday a vote was held in the House of Commons regarding changes to the controversial Nationality and Borders bill, which outlines rights for refugees and asylum seekers.

Grimsby MP Lia Nici voted in favour of multiple amendments, including a clause that allows the government to treat asylum seekers differently based on the way they enter the UK.

The Government has argued the planned differentiation in the treatment of asylum seekers, depending on how they arrived in the country, was aimed at discouraging people from travelling to the UK other than via safe and legal routes.

However, those seeking asylum rarely have options to find safe and legal travel as they are typically escaping conflict and war with very few possession of their own.

MPs also voted in favour to reinstate proposals to allow the Government to strip people of their British citizenship without notice.

Other votes on the bill include:

  • Against amendment 13, which had sought to remove the new offence that punishes those who arrive in the UK without a valid entry clearance.
  • Against amendment 22, which had sought safeguards over the carrying out of age assessments of asylum seekers.
  • Against an amendment that would have required the support of at least 12 months for confirmed victims of modern slavery or trafficking and where the person is not a UK citizen grant them leave to remain.
  • Against amendment 10, which was linked to immigration rules and entry to seek asylum and join family.
  • Against an amendment that sought to guarantee the UK takes in at least 10,000 refugees a year.
  • Against amendment seven, which had sought to allow asylum seekers to work if no decision has been taken on their claim after six months.
  • Against amendment five, which aimed to ensure a section of the Bill complies with international protections for refugees.
  • Against an amendment that sought to ditch the requirement for foreigners to have an Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA) pass when making a local journey to Northern Ireland from the Republic.

Many feel that the votes against the amendments is a huge step back for the UK, and are outraged that MPs have silently voted against protections of refugees and asylum seeks while directing public attention elsewhere.

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